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Swedish translation rates

Rates for Swedish translation can vary, depending on the length, difficulty and format of the text, as well as possible deadlines, etc. We normally calculate and determine the price after first having seen the text itself. The exact price and time of delivery is calculated before we proceed with the actual translation. All editable text is always priced per word.

Some of our Swedish translation clients

When experience counts… Some of our direct clients from the public sector and the corporate world are:

Agresso, Arctic Express, Avis Scandinavia, Bailine Scandinavia, Basal, Betomur, Blue & Green (Sweden), Blue & Green (Denmark), Berendsen, Bravida, BVS, Cappelen, Ceti Suxxesion (Netherlands), Ecolab, Econ Analyse, Espegard, FAFO, Fagbokforlaget (Bergen), Findexa, Finn Clausen Arkivsystemer, Norwegian Association for Children with Congenital Heart Disease, Glasspaper, Hafslund, Hammerglass (Sweden), Helse Nord (Mo i Rana, Norway), Identec Solutions, Interreg (Sweden), Jetpak Group (Sweden), Jetpak Norway, Church of Norway National Council, Kronos Titan, Kvestor Holding, Lexow, Mexx Nordic (Sweden), Mexx Scandinavia (Norway), Montico, NCC Roads (Sweden), Nycomed, Oralmat, Path, Rambøll, Reitangruppen, RenoNorden, Rikshospitalet (National Hospital) – Oslo University Hospital, Office of the Auditor General of Norway, Ringnes, Sametinget, Scandlife (Sweden), Serotec, SINTEF, Staburret, Terratec, Thommessen, ThyssenKrupp, TTC Norge, Töcksfors Shopping Center (Sweden), University of Oslo, University of Stavanger, Vulkan Eiendom, Økonomisk Rapport, Østfold County Municipality (Sarpsborg), ÅF Technology (Sweden).

SwedenNorway's most important neighbour

Sweden has always been a significant neighbour for Norway, but in recent decades the country has become one of Norway's foremost trade partners. Today, Sweden is Norway's largest export market for oil and gas, electricity and metals, among many other products. In 2012, Norwegian exports to Sweden reached a total of NOK 59 billion.


According to experts, Sweden is more vital for the Norwegian economy than any other Nordic country – and Norway's significance for its neighbour is just as great. Norway is one of Sweden's largest trade partners; currently about 2,600 Swedish subsidiaries are successfully doing business with Norwegian companies and organisations. The geographical, cultural and linguistic proximity of the two countries is beneficial for Swedish companies in Norway and vice versa. There are, however, differences between the Swedish and the Norwegian market and business culture, and companies will continue to need assistance, especially linguistic, for an ongoing successful cooperation.



Sweden's official website

Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Oslo, Norway

Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Stockholm, Sweden

Norsk Språkservice Language Services

Tvärslå Norwegian-Swedish dictionary

Glosbe English-Swedish Dictionary English-Swedish and Swedish-English Dictionary



Swedish, a Nordic language

Swedish (svenska) is, like Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic, a North Germanic or Nordic language. It is spoken by approx. 10 million people, mainly in Sweden and in parts of Finland, where it has equal standing with Finnish. Swedish-speaking minorities can also be found in other parts of the world, including the UK, Spain and USA.

Business-related translation services

A professional translation requires the correct use of language. At we have a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding Swedish translations of any kind. We provide high-quality translations for our corporate clients, focusing on commercial translation services in Swedish, Norwegian and English. We believe that a tailored approach towards the specific translation needs of each business does make a difference. Our goal is to offer our clients – be it the country's largest corporations, medium and small enterprises or individualstranslations of the utmost quality, with the shortest possible delivery time and at the right price.

We provide all types of translations of Swedish technical texts, small or large, into the other Scandinavian languages, English and German, as well as proofreading and editing of Swedish texts. We translate everything from general and commercial texts to technical and scientific documentation, legal documents as well as various materials in the field of finance, economics, medicine, etc., with a main focus on technical documentation translation.

Our Swedish translators are experienced in a wide range of fields: construction industry, joinery and carpentry work, transportation, electrical engineering, electronics, computers, automotive industry, aviation, shipbuilding/maritime, travel/tourism, law, economics and marketing, advertising, trade, HR, chemistry, health, medicine, culture, etc. Contact us today!

Some of our language combinations

We translate mainly from Swedish into Norwegian/English and vice versa, but through our international network of professional translators we offer translations between Swedish and most European and other languages. Some of our language combinations are:


- Swedish-Norwegian translations

- Norwegian-Swedish translations

- Swedish-English translations

- English-Swedish translations

- Swedish-Danish translations

- Danish-Swedish translations

- Swedish-Finnish translations

- Finnish-Swedish translations

- Polish-Swedish translations

- Swedish-Polish translations


Translation to/from other languages

We can also take on translation projects in languages other than Swedish, thanks to our reliable network of translators with native-speaker competence in languages ​​such as: English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Polish, Finnish, Danish, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, etc. For more information click here or simply send us an e-mail.


Stockholm Old Town facades

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Swedish translations

of any kind

Do you need a professionally done translation between Swedish and Norwegian or English, delivered at a reasonable price? handles everything within Swedish translation with the utmost care and competence. We offer all types of translations between Swedish and the other Nordic languages ​​(Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish) and English – and we can solve almost any assignment swiftly and efficiently.

We mainly translate from Norwegian/English into Swedish and vice versa, but through our international network of professional translators we offer translations between Swedish and many other languages, including all EU languages.

Specialized  translation fields

We work with a team of Swedish freelance translators in Norway and abroad, as well as a number of translation agencies, certified translators, interpreters, etc. Together with our skilled partners in, among others, Sweden and Finland we can solve any translation job that comes our way. We strive to complete every assignment as quickly as possible, while maintaining low prices by cutting out cost-raising intermediaries.                   

Translation to/from Swedish of general texts: magazine articles, pamphlets, brochures, flyers, press releases, reports, presentations, website texts, marketing or advertising texts, financial statements, annual reports, business correspondence, articles, tourist brochures, guidebooks, word-lists, teaching materials and other documentation.

Technical translation: guides, instruction manuals, safety manuals, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Health, Safety Environment (HSE) guidelines, technical documentation, installation manuals, training manuals, product sheets and specifications, data sheets, catalogues, presentations, economic and financial texts (corporate reports, annual reports, financial accounts and documentation, financial statements) IT-related texts.

Legal translation: various legal documents and materials, administrative documentation, contracts and agreements, statutes, powers-of-attorney, wills, employment contracts, declarations, real-estate deeds, notarial acts, regulations, provisions, verdicts and various other legal texts and court documents.

Your Swedish translation request will naturally be handled with utmost confidentiality. Do give us a try!


Feel free to send us the documents or text you wish translated for a free, non-binding translation estimate and price quote – by e-mail or by post. Get a quote on your Swedish translation today! N.S.S., Hans Nielsen Hauges plass 7, 0481 Oslo, Norway
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